America’s Caste Wars: Part 1 – Myth vs Reality

Recent claims of caste discrimination in America find a sympathetic ear because they echo the long-established myths about Hindu society.

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In recent times, caste has emerged as a significant hot-button issue in the American socio-political discourse. It is an artificial construct designed to disrupt the phenomenal success the hardworking Hindu-American immigrant community has achieved over a relatively short period of time. The well-worn caste trope is being used by the DEI (diversity, inclusiveness, and equality) industry to insinuate that the Hindu American success story is rooted in “the discriminatory practices of the upper-caste Hindus against the down-trodden Dalits” – not only in their country of origin but right here in the US as well. The argument is finding a sympathetic ear in American society because it builds on the long-established myths about Hindu society.

“America’s Caste Wars” is the term we have coined for these unprovoked attacks on the Hindu-American community.

In view of the potential harm of this propaganda to the well-being of the Hindu-American society, we have produced several articles to explore this topic from the vantage point of the Hindu society and how and why it has been twisted by the West. These and other relevant articles have been archived in our Caste Library.

Webinars on America’s Caste Wars

Recently, we have initiated a series of webinars to educate Hindu Americans and the society at large on the dangers of these vicious attacks to the physical and material well-being of a peaceful community that has worked hard to realize its proverbial American dream and, in the process, contributed a great deal to its adopted society, the United States of America.

The video recording of the first webinar of this series, titled “America’s Caste Wars – Part 1: Myth vs. Reality,” is provided here.