British Hindus Hold Massive Protest Against BBC’s Biased Reporting

Hindu organizations protest against BBC’s systemic bias against Hindus and India

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Dozens of British Hindu organizations protested against the BBC for running ‘anti-Hindu and anti-India bias’ coverage for many years. The protest took place in front of the BBC headquarters in London against Hinduphobia and anti-India.

Indian Hindu organizations based in the United Kingdom (UK) staged a demonstration outside the BBC headquarters in London against ‘Religious Phobia and Xenophobia.’ Citing biased coverage by the BBC, the Indian Hindu organizations claimed that the international broadcaster has been running ‘anti-Hindu and anti-India bias’ stories over the last 18 years.

The protesters also handed over a memorandum to BBC Director-General Tim Davie, alleging strong resentment against the dehumanization of Hindus globally. Some of the `BBC Protest` organizers include well-known people like Dr. Vivek Kaul, Dr. Sneh S Kathuria, Pt. Satish K Sharma, Nitin Mehta MBE, and Darshan Singh Nagi.

A statement by the protestors said, ‘The BBC`s coverage of the violent attacks on Leicester Hindus by Islamists was the worst reporting seen so far and has contributed to the concealment of an attempt to ethnically cleanse Leicester of Hindus.`

The groups said that they are determined to protest till `the BBC ceases its unrelenting vilification and dehumanization of Hindus globally and of `license-fee paying` British Hindus especially.`

Citing biased coverage by the BBC, the organizers pointed out Alasdair Pinkerton`s research for the 2008 edition of the peer-reviewed Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television, saying Alasdair Pinkerton `analyzed the coverage of India by the BBC from India`s 1947 independence from British rule to 2008. Pinkerton observed a tumultuous history involving allegations of anti-India bias in the BBC`s reportage, particularly during the Cold War, and concluded that the BBC`s coverage of South Asian geopolitics and economics showed a pervasive and hostile anti-India bias because of the BBC`s alleged imperialist and neo-colonialist stance.’

Mentioning an article, `Beaten and humiliated by Hindu mobs for being a Muslim in India’, the organizers said that the headline is designed to create conflict and disorder. It is irresponsible identarian `to divide and run cheap, gutter journalism. It is self-evident that reports of this nature cause further inter-communal tension and stigmatize Hindus.

The organizers said the BBC is routinely producing hateful content, adding, “When a lie is repeated again and again, it gains credibility. A country that has given shelter to persecuted Parsis, Jews, Tibetans, Bahais and many more has been stigmatized as intolerant!”

The organizers also claimed that increasing numbers of license fee-paying British citizens and even the British government feel the BBC is habitually peddling fake narratives on India and Hindus. “Your biased reporting on the world’s largest democracy and one of the biggest economies of the world is clearly against the national interests of India & the United Kingdom…”

The protest was similar to the one organized by the British Hindus against The Guardian newspaper in September, where the community said the newspaper’s coverage of Leicester was based on “biased and fake news.”

Hindus everywhere are strongly advised to educate themselves about these organized anti-Hindu syndicates, especially those with Hindu-sounding names like “Hindus for Human Rights” and “Sadhana.”

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