Hindudvesha at Cambridge

Indian student faces intense bullying and persecution for his ideology and ethnicity

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This video is a conversation between Mrittunjoy Guha Majumdar, a graduate student at Cambridge University, UK, and Rajiv Malhotra, the founder of the Infinity Foundation. In this video, Mrittunjoy describes the stereotyping and hatred he recently experienced on the Cambridge campus on account of his Hindu faith and political views.

He describes his experience as nothing short of political bullying and persecution based entirely on differences in ideologies and ethnic identity. Mrittunjoy was the Vice President of the graduate student union at Cambridge. He has a history of being aligned with certain political and social organizations, which have been termed “right-wing Hindu” and “Hindutva” organizations by the Western media. His prominent role in the Cambridge student body and his political views invited wrath from certain ultra-left political groups on the campus. They engaged in a protracted, well-organized campaign of character assassination against him. He was accused of breach of trust in his role as the Vice President of the graduate student union, a charge of which he was completely absolved after a 3-month long investigation by the university authorities. Unfortunately, the damage to his reputation had been done!

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