Mischaracterization of Sewa International’s Covid Relief Work

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Mr. Nitish Pahwa, in his June 8, 2021 article in Slate Magazine, maliciously portrays the Covid relief work by Sewa International as supporting an alleged project to “Hinduize” India. In the process he also goes on to malign the current ruling party and the Prime Minister of India, as well as Hinduism itself. Mr. Pahwa appears to have a penchant for distorting facts and presenting them in a way that is detrimental to the interest of Hindus and India.

Here are a few articles from his past to show bias and unwarranted attacks on Hindu interests:

Sewa International is a pre-eminent Hindu faith-based humanitarian organization with a long history of serving the society selflessly and with compassion. Its vision, mission, and ten guiding principles are testimonials of the commendable work it does.

While bias against Hindu interests appears to be a hallmark of Mr. Pahwa’s brand of journalism, he might serve his profession a bit better if he would take the time to conduct in-depth research on his subject matter before venturing to write such provocative articles on reputable organizations like the Sewa International.

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