Caste, Conversion and Colonial Conspiracy

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In response to a debate led by Lord Harries in the UK House of Lords in 2016 demanding the implementation of the anti-caste based discrimination of the legislation Pandit Sharma has written a book in 2021 titled, “Caste, Conversion: A Colonial Conspiracy: What every Hindu and Christian must know about Caste.”

The legislation was enacted without data-based evidence of the discrimination being either systemic or endemic. In his book, Pt. Sharma analyzes the colonial procedure of erasure of indigenous culture and knowledge and how it has merely morphed into some of the post-colonial paradigms.

In the following video, Pandit Sharma traces the origin of ‘caste’ and its deliberate conflation with Jati and Varna system to a meeting of Christian organizations that took place in colonial India in 1844 with the stated objective to weaken the social structure of the Hindu society so as to make it more receptive to conversion to Christianity.  Pandit Sharma further shows how the trope of ‘caste’ is perpetuated, so that every Hindu has to walk through life carrying the imaginary guilt that his or her ancestors were “caste discriminators”

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