Hindus of Bangladesh – A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing

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Hindu genocide started in Bangladesh in 1971 (the start of the Bangladesh War of Independence that was supported by India). Richard Belkin, an American human rights activist, journalist, and lecturer, documents the genocide of Hindus in his video titled, “The Hindus of Bangladesh: A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing.” Benkin explains how Hindus numerically declined from one-third of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) to less than 10% percent by 2017.  He notes the failure of Bangladesh governments to check the ethnic cleansing and laments that neighboring India exerted no pressure on Bangladesh in this regard.

The most striking part of the video is where Benkin calls out the major western media and Indian media over their deafening silence. Global silence on Hindu ethnic cleansing in Bangladesh is an example of Hindudvesha. It demonstrates that only narratives of Hindus as aggressors, oppressors and intolerant is valid because there is no such things as violence against Hindus. Hindus are not a legitimate people; therefore, Hindu ethnic cleansing in Islamic countries such as Bangladesh is no news.

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