50th Anniversary of Hindu Genocide in Bangladesh

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This video was featured at the Rutgers HSC’s “Understanding Hinduphobia” conference in April 2021. In it, Tulsi Gabbard, former US member of Congress, speaks about the continuing horrors of Hindu genocide in Bangladesh. Gabbard relates the long history of persecution of Hindus and other minorities in modern day Bangladesh.

The height of atrocities took place in 1971 when Islamic army of Pakistan carried out an organized rampage of mass murder, rape and destruction against Hindus, the largest minority in that country at that time. Millions of Hindus were driven from their homes because of their religion and ethnicity. US senator Ted Kennedy visited Bangladesh in 1971, and reported thus on what he saw there: 

“Nothing is more clear or more easily documented than the systematic campaign terror and its genocidal consequences launched by the Pakistani army on the night of March 25. Hardest hit have been members of the Hindu community, who have been robbed of their lands and shops, and in some places painted yellow patched marked ‘H’.”  

Gabbard points out that in early 1900s, Hindus accounted for roughly 33% of the population of modern day Bangladesh. Due to the persistent Islamist campaign targeting Hindus, only 8% of the Bangladesh’s population is Hindu today. 

In this this year of 50th anniversary of the Hindu genocide in Bangladesh, the “progressive” news media, the self-proclaimed steward of human rights and social justice everywhere, remains deafeningly silent on the subject. If this is not a textbook example of Hindudvesha, we don’t know what is!

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