Inequalities in the Mission of Equality Labs

Inherent biases against Hindus in Equality Labs’ stated mission

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According to this article by Vijendra Agarwal, T. Soundarajan, founder of The Equality Labs, seems to have a bigger and deeper agenda than it meets the eye at first instance. A self-proclaimed Dalit Diva and a transmedia artist/activist, Soundarajan declares the EL mission as “A political home for South Asian Progressives.”

Vijendra Agarwal,  the author of the article, points out the many inherent biases against Hindus in the stated mission and workings of Equality Labs.

Editor’s Note: One wonders what fate she has in mind for those who do not meet her criteria for being “progressive.” Does she expect them to live as dhimmis (second-class citizens with limited rights) in a society where so-called progressives would rule the roost? Or does she have some sort of “final solution” in mind, like the one the Nazis had devised for the Jews in the last century? Inquiring minds would like to know!

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