Challenges Faced by Hindu Students on America’s College Campuses

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In this YouTube video, Rajiv Malhotra, the founder of Infinity Foundation, talks to senior leaders of Hindu Student Council about the issues they face on America’s college campuses.  Students highlighted the fact that American universities typically teach Hinduism from an adversarial perspective.

The information provided is often derogatory, inaccurate and at odds with what they have been taught by their parents. It was also pointed out that while Judaism is typically taught by Jewish scholars, Christianity by Christian scholars and so on, Hinduism is rarely taught by Hindus dharmic scholars.

Rajiv Malhotra suggested that while the students are working against overwhelming odds, they should never hesitate to register their objection to inaccurate information about Hinduism. Even though they may not see immediate reaction to their protestations, the teachers tend to adjust their narrative over time once they realize that they are being watched. 

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