Edinburg International Festival Insults Hindu Deities

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Can artistic freedom justify denigration of religious symbols of importance to a billion people? Edinburgh International Festival blatantly says: Yes!

OpIndia staff writer shares an incident where Hindu deities are being subject to insult and denigration under the guise of “artistic freedom”.

In a play entitled ‘Hindu Times’ , to be shown August 20-21 at the Edinburgh International Festival, many Hindu deities have been reduced to mundane, earthly characters with modern-day vices, including crass language & propensity towards debauchery, stripped of any redeeming or sacred attributes. The creators feel absolved of any transgressions because of the convenient banner of artistic freedom typically waved at such events. Despite the outreach by the Hindu community to express their hurt and dismay, the festival organizers continue with their plans to host of the play.

Not surprisingly, none of the other faith groups – Muslim, Christians, Jews – have been singled out for such an outrage at the event that aims to promote the beauty of the performing arts across diverse cultures.

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