Deconstructing the Longest Propaganda War against Hindu and Indian interests

US-based network of Islamist groups with terrorist connections operates behind a series of seemingly benign names

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There is a well-organized psy-war being waged in the West against the Hindu ecosystem and India. What is startling, but perhaps not surprising, is that the nexus that conducts this operation has deep connections with Pak-based terror networks and has managed to infiltrate and influence some US governmental organizations.

This infiltration has been carried out by US-based nexus of Islamist groups which operates behind a labyrinth of fronts with lofty names such as the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC), and a plethora of others in between.

DisInfo Lab, in a series of deeply researched reports, has done a remarkable job of unmasking the real workings of this nexus. What we report here is taken directly from their reports[1,2].

One name that repeatedly keeps surfacing in the Disinfo Lab reports is that of Justice for All (JFA). Incorporated on April 27, 1999, in Chicago, Illinois, JFA appears to be the fulcrum of all the fronts involved in the propaganda war. Founded by a Pakistani-origin US citizen, Abdul Malik Mujahid[3], JFA has offices in Washington DC, New York, Boston, Texas, and many other locations, all working together in running projects like Save India, Free Kashmir, Faith Coalition, and Burma Task Force, and others.

JFA is powered by a Chicago-based tax-exempt media company, Sound Vision Foundation Inc. (SV), which, in turn, was established by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) in 1988, purportedly to promote “Islamic teachings in the United States and Canada.[4]

Looking beyond the tangled web of these organizations, what is striking is that the masterminds behind this operation have mastered the art of building multiple fronts with innocuous names. These fronts help create the façade of grandeur while helping camouflage the identities of the real operators. For instance, when we see cases of 50 international organizations holding a conference on “India on the Brink” or “Dismantling Hindutva,” very few people are aware that they are all progenies of a single organization like the JFA.

Another interesting fact is that most of these fronts are being run by the same set of people. In fact, a majority of these Islamist fronts can be traced to just three “kingpins”: Abdul Malik Mujahid, Shaik Ubaid, and Ahmadullah Siddiqi. More about them in future articles.

While Disinfo Lab has done an incredible amount of work to daylight the inner workings of these organizations, their reports tend to be very large and difficult to digest for the casual reader. Therefore, we have embarked on a project to break down these reports into smaller pieces for easier accessibility. We have previously published some articles in this series, e.g., “Hindus for Human Rights Deconstructed”[5] and “Equality Lab Deconstructed.”[6] Many more articles in the “Deconstructed” series will be coming out in the near future.

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Dr. Jai Bansal is a retired scientist, currently serving as the VP Education for the World Hindu Council of America (VHPA)