Islamic Destruction of Hindu Temples: In their Own Words (6)

Part 6 of a series to expose the Islamic destruction of thousands of Hindu mandirs (temples)

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Over the last 1200 years, Islamic barbarians have destroyed thousands of Hindu mandirs in India. Many apologists try to whitewash this brutal destruction of the Hindu religious and cultural symbols. Luckily for us, the invaders and their scribes left behind plenty of contemporary records, enabling scholars to piece together the sordid history of their brutal exploits.

We have launched a series of short articles to daylight this terrible destruction of Hindu mandirs. Each article will contain excerpts from the writings of a well-known Islamic scholar. The entire series is based on an article by Stephen Knapp. (

Diwan-i-Salman proudly describes destruction of Hindu temples 
Islamic Source:‘Diwan-i-Salman’ by Khawajah Masud bin Sa’d bin Salman

(Khawajah Masud bin Sa’d bin Salman was a poet. He wrote poems in praise of the Ghaznavid Sultans-Masu’d, Ibrahim, and Bahram Shah. He died sometime between 1126 and 1131 CE.)

  • Invader: Sultan Abu’l Muzaffar Ibrahim (1059-1099 CE)

“As power and the strength of a lion was bestowed upon Ibrahim by the Almighty, he made over to him the well-populated country of Hindustan and gave him 40,000 valiant horsemen to take the country, in which there were more than 1000 rais…The army of the king destroyed at one time a thousand temples of idols, which had each been built for more than a thousand years. How can I describe the victories of the King…”

Jalandhar (Punjab): “The narrative of any battles eclipses the stories of Rustam and Isfandiyar… By morning meal, not one soldier, not one Brahmin remained unkilled or uncaptured. Their heads were leveled with the ground with flaming fire… Thou has secured the victory to the country and to religion, for amongst the Hindus this achievement will be remembered till the day of resurrection.”

Malwa (Madhya Pradesh): “…On this journey, the army destroyed a thousand idol temples and thy elephants trampled over more than a hundred strongholds. Thou didst march thy army to Ujjain… The lip of infidelity became dry through fear of thee, the eye of plural-worship became blind…”

Dr. Jai Bansal is a retired scientist, currently serving as the VP Education for the World Hindu Council of America (VHPA)