Leicester violence: Britain’s Colonial-Era Sins Come Home to Roost

Self-deception and political pandering in the wake of Leicester violence are the warning signs of the deep rot in UK’s social order

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“The road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but the journey apparently begins with self-deception, with the destination evidently societal, moral, and intellectual implosion. Britain has embarked on such a path, and the violence in the streets of Leicester in recent days is one more indicator of its progress” – Excerpt from article by Gautam Sen on incidents of communal violence in the UK

Gautam Sen’s article “Leicester violence: Britain’s journey towards ghettoes and partitionin FirstPost.Com does not pull any punches about the role of Britain’s political machinery in creating the conditions for the eruption of communal violence seen in Leicester and Birmingham in recent days.

Here are some choice quotes from this article:

“One day the British political class, often supporting the separatist demands for Khalistan and the Lakshar-e-Taiba’s agenda for Kashmir, might have to contemplate the nature of democratic freedoms when a city like Birmingham, Britain’s third largest, becomes Muslim majority.”

“The political backdrop is an official Britain that has thrived on a calculated potpourri of duplicitous management to obscure the reality of inter-ethnic and race relations in the country.”

“The much bigger lie has been determined official sponsorship and universal media collusion to propagate the idea that Islam is a religion of peace and the only issue is the non sequitur of Islamophobia. Nothing can demolish this fervent establishment propaganda, which persists in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary…Such is the impudence and malicious deceit about the widespread sexual violence that it is unequivocally blamed on ‘Asians’ although not a single non-Muslim has been a perpetrator.”

“…a seventy-five-year-old Hindu pensioner, the son of a priest and carer for his disabled wife, has also been charged with incitement to commit disorder and violence. The decision to prosecute this particular Hindu septuagenarian is somehow ironically apt because one unshakeable conviction in Christian Britain is that the Hindu priestly class, of allegedly casteist Brahmins, are irredeemably manipulative and racist.”

“Hindus are accusing the police of partisan inaction when the recent rioting targeting them began and it seems violence against Hindus had been going on for some months already. They also accuse the police of endangering them by appearing to legitimise the Muslim role in the rioting by cavalierly mistranslating slogans of ‘Pakistan murdabad’ as ‘Death to Muslims’ and inflaming the situation.”