List of Islamic Terrorist Attacks in 2017 (Part 15)

Secularists would like us to believe that “Terrorism has no religion.” Are we really dumb enough to buy into their blatant lie?

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This series of articles is aimed at reminding the reader of the recent history of terrorism by radical Islam. Each incident is supported with published citations. Part 15 covers the terrorist incidents that took place in 2017

The following statistics for the 2017 Islamic terrorism acts are taken from TheReligionofPeace.Com
Number of Islamic terrorist attacks: 2098
Number of countries affected: 62
Number killed: 16812
Number injured: 14597

Only a fraction of these incidents are shown in the following table


  2. Islamic State suicide bomber kills 36 in Baghdad market (
  3. Suicide bomber kills seven, wounds 20 in Afghan provincial capital: official | Reuters
  4. Sehwan suicide bombing – Wikipedia
  5. Over 30 killed as gunmen dressed as medics attack Afghan military hospital (
  6. Iraq: IS suicide bombers kill 26 at Tikrit wedding party – BBC News
  7. London Bridge: Car Drives into Crowd, Leaving Several Dead (
  8. St Petersburg attack: What we know – BBC News
  9. Palm Sunday church bombings – Wikipedia
  10. April 2017 Champs-Élysées attack – Wikipedia
  11. Manchester Arena bombing – Wikipedia
  12. Egypt: Gunmen Attack Christians, Killing At Least 24 – CBS Baltimore (
  13. 2017 London Bridge attack – Wikipedia
  14. 2017 Tehran attacks – Wikipedia
  15. At least 30 killed in Iraq suicide bombing – The Jerusalem Post (
  16. 2017 New York City truck attack – Wikipedia

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