News & Social Media: A Bushelful of Rotten Apples

A tale of how Vijaya Gadde, the disgraced Twitter general counsel, played favorites with content

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New India Junction exposes how Vijaya Gadde, the disgraced Twitter general counsel, played favorites with Twitter content. She also points out the many lies of WSJ in reporting on the 2020 Delhi riots but was never called out by Gadde’s cabal.

The accompanying news clip from Priyanka Deo, Executive producer and anchor at New India Junction, exposes how the disgraced decision makers at Twitter played favorites in censorship decisions for the content on their social media platform.

Here’s a complete transcription of Priyanka Deo’s news clip:

Gadde and her team even went as far as to ban the New York Post over the Hunter Biden story. If you’re going to ban this account for this story, what about banning some of the publications that sided with China during the Wuhan lab leak theory, that published lies during the pharma protests in India, and also published lies during the Delhi riots? The Wall Street Journal, for example, flat-out lied about interviewing the brother of an IB (Investigation Bureau) officer who was shot during the Delhi riots. The brother spoke out about it on social media and stated that he had never even received a call from the WSJ. This is not just unethical journalism for an international outlet but flat-out lying, and Vijaya Gadde never called it out. To add to this, other mainstream publications published flat-out misinformation and propagated an anti-India agenda on a regular basis. But somehow, none of these publications were blocked, warned, or banned on Twitter under Vijaya Gadde’s leadership.

In terms of the Hunter Biden report on the New York Post that got and her team blocked and banned, initially, the radical left and woke culture dismissed the story as completely false but later, it was proven true. Basically, Hunter Biden’s laptop contained emails and other materials obtained by Donald Trump’s personal attorney related to Joe Biden allegedly acting illegally in Ukraine in order to save his son Hunter from a corruption investigation by Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. It was proven true that the content of the laptop did indeed belong to Hunter Biden. So why was a true story on the New York Post banned on Twitter without any evidence at that time?

With this being said, Elon Musk is absolutely correct in calling Vijaya Gadde out, and yes, she should be afraid of losing her job [Editor: Gadde was recently fired by Elon Musk]. It’s fine to personally have an ideology, but you need to be objective at work. Letting some outlets and users publish content while immediately clamping down on others and banning them just because you personally disagree is far from objective and professional, Miss Vijaya! During that meeting that Vijaya Gadde held, she also told her team that their jobs were safe for six months since the takeover process would take that much time. Now, most likely, these jobs would have been absolutely safe had Vijaya and her team upheld free speech fairly on Twitter.

Leave your thoughts below until next time; this is Priyanka Deo signing off. Namaste

Dr. Jai Bansal is a retired scientist, currently serving as the VP Education for the World Hindu Council of America (VHPA)