Recognizing Hinduphobia – A Canadian Perspective

A series of ten articles discuss various aspects of Hinduphobia in the Canadian context

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Hinduphobia is a growing concern for Canadian Hindus given the recent developments. Hindus are concerned for their own safety, and that of their children, families, homes, temples, and businesses. Hinduphobia is having a negative impact on the mental, physical, emotional, social, political, and economic of Hindu Canadians. The spread of prejudice against Hindus, especially in the media and academia, has negatively impacted the overall image of the Hindu community and Hindu civilization at large in Canadian society. Prejudice against Hindus has served as an impetus and a platform of validation to justify acts of violence, discrimination and hate against Hindus at work, schools, temples, and so on.

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) of Canada forbids discrimination on the basis of “ancestry, color, race, citizenship, ethnic origin and creed, and yet it has failed to recognize Hinduphobia as extant discrimination against Hindu Canadians. This failure stems from the HRC practice of lumping Hindus into a broad category called South Asians and thereby becoming unresponsive to Hindu-specific hateful situations.

The author has written a detailed brief to educate the Ontario branch of HRC about the rising wave of anti-Hindu sentiment in Canada, and the flaws in the HRC modus operandi which renders them deaf and mute in matters of rising Hinduphobia in the Canadian society. The articles on this page are all based on this particular brief.

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Dr. Ragini Sharma, PhD, has worked for over 25 years with individuals, families and communities of diverse backgrounds to support their human dignity and for their economic, social and political rights. She is a passionate educator of Hinduism and has represented Hindu perspective at numerous interfaith events.