Islamic Destruction of Hindu Temples: In their Own Words (10)

Part 10 of a series to expose the Islamic destruction of thousands of Hindu mandirs (temples)

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Over the last 1200 years, Islamic barbarians have destroyed thousands of Hindu mandirs in India. Many apologists try to whitewash this brutal destruction of the Hindu religious and cultural symbols. Luckily for us, the invaders and their scribes left behind plenty of contemporary records, enabling scholars to piece together the sordid history of their brutal exploits.

We have launched a series of short articles to daylight this terrible destruction of Hindu mandirs. Each article will contain excerpts from the writings of a well-known Islamic scholar. The entire series is based on an article by Stephen Knapp. (

Ruins of Debal site speak of unmitigated brutality
Islamic Source: ‘Kamilu’t-Tawarikh’ by Ibn Asir

(The author was born in 1160 CE in the Jazirat ibn Umar, an island on the Tigris above Mosul.)

  • Invader: Khalifa Al-Mahdi (775-785 CE)

Barada (Gujrat): “In the year 159 (776 CE) Al Mahdi sent an army by sea under Abdul Malik bin Shahabu’l Musamma’i to India. They proceeded on their way and at length disembarked at Barada. When they reached the place they laid siege on it. The town was reduced to extremities and God prevailed over it in the same year. The people were forbidden to worship the Budd, which the Muhammadans burned.”

Islamic Source: Tarikh-i-Jahan-Kusha by Alaud-Din Malik ibn Bahaud-Din Muhammed Juwaini

(The author was born a native of Juwain in Khurasan near Nishapur. He was the Halaku (Ed: slayer, executioner) during the Mongol campaign against the Ismai’lians and was later appointed the governor of Baghdad. He fell from grace and was imprisoned at Hamadan.)

  • Invader: Sultan Jalalud-Din Mankbarni (1222-1231 CE)

Debal (Sindh): “The Sultan then went towards Dewal and Darbela and Jaisi… The Sultan raised Masjid at Dewal, on the spot where an idol temple stood.”

Dr. Jai Bansal is a retired scientist, currently serving as the VP Education for the World Hindu Council of America (VHPA)