Islamic Destruction of Hindu Temples: In their Own Words (2)

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Part 2 of a series to expose the Islamic destruction of thousands of Hindu mandirs (temples)

Over the last 1200 years, Islamic barbarians have destroyed thousands of Hindu mandirs in India. Many apologists try to whitewash this brutal destruction of the Hindu religious and cultural symbols. Luckily for us, the invaders and their scribes left behind plenty of contemporary records, enabling scholars to piece together the sordid history of their brutal exploits.

We have launched a series of short articles to daylight this terrible destruction of Hindu mandirs. Each article will contain excerpts from the writings of a well-known Islamic scholar. The entire series is based on an article by Stephen Knapp. (

Islamic Source used in this Article

Prahalad Mandir, Multan, where the Festival of Holi Originated

‘Futūh al-Buldān’ or Kitāb Futūḥ al-Buldān (Translation: Book of the Conquest of the Countries/Lands), the best-known work by the 9th-century Persian historian Ahmad Ibn Yahya al-Baladhuri of Abbasid-era Baghdad.

This author is also known as al-Baladhuri. He lived at the court of Khalifa Al-Mutawakkal (AD 847-861) and died in AD 893. His history is one of the major Arab chronicles.

Examples of Mandir Destruction

  1. Invader: Ibn Samurah (AD 653)Siestan (Iran) – “On reaching Dawar, he surrounded the enemy in the mountain of Zur, where there was a famous Hindu temple.” “…Their idol of Zur was of gold, and its eyes were two rubies. The zealous Musalmans cut off its hands and plucked out its eyes, and then remarked to the Marzaban how powerless was his idol.”
  2. Invader: Qutaibah bin Muslim al-Bahili (AD 705-715)Samarkand (Farghana) – “Other authorities say that Kutaibah granted peace for 700,000 dirhams and entertainment for the Moslems for three days. The terms of surrender included also the houses of the idols and the fire temples. The idols were thrown out, plundered of their ornaments and burned.”
  3. Invader: Mohammed bin Qasim (AD 712-715)Debal (Sindh) – “…The town was thus taken by assault, and the carnage endured for three days. The governor of the town, appointed by Dahir, fled and the priests of the temple were massacred. Muhammad marked a place for the Musalmans to dwell in, built a mosque, and left 4,000 Musalmans to garrison the place….Ambissa, son of Ishak Az Zabbi, the governor of Sindh, in the Khilafat of Mu’tasim billah knocked down the upper part of the minaret of the temple and converted it into a prison.”Multan (Punjab) – “…He then crossed the Biyas and went towards Multan…Muhammad destroyed the water-course; upon which the inhabitants, oppressed with thirst, surrendered at discretion. He massacred the men capable of bearing arms, but the children were taken captive, as well as ministers of the temple, to the number of 6,000. The Musalmans found there much gold in a chamber ten cubits long by eight broad.”
  4. Invader: Hasham bin ‘Amru al-TaghlabiKhandahar (Maharashtra) – “He then went to Khandahar in boats and conquered it. He destroyed the Budd (idol) there, and built-in its place a mosque.”

Dr. Jai Bansal is a retired scientist, currently serving as the VP Education for the World Hindu Council of America (VHPA)

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