Hyperactive haters: Meet the cabal that loves to vilify Hindus

Did Rahul Gandhi reach an “understanding” with Soros-proxy Sunita Viswanath?

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The propaganda storm unleashed by disparate Hindu-hater groups on India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his recent US visit was so well-coordinated that the Nazi propaganda machinery would have been proud of their efforts. United by a festering desire to tar Hindus as intolerant, violent, and fascist, these groups went into a hyperactive mode in the days leading up to Mr. Modi’s visit, unleashing a storm of misinformation, suggesting the Prime Minister is killing democracy and the minorities in India are under threat. They kept up a steady drumbeat on social media about Hindus committing genocide of Muslims (even as the Muslim population in India is exploding). They did not care that their propaganda against India’s majority community also ended up tarring the entire country.

The cabal of Hindu haters consists of an assortment of leftists, communists, pseudo-seculars (whose aversion to religion applies only to Hinduism), Dravidianists (created by British colonialists to divide Hindus as Aryans and Dravidians),[1] Islamists (working with radicalized and terrorist groups), Khalistanis (created and backed by Pakistan to separate Sikhs from India),[2] and converted Christians (whose sole aim is harvesting souls). All these groups espouse foreign or foreign-birthed ideologies that are diametrically opposite to Hinduism’s inclusive ethos.

The anti-Hindu propaganda is spearheaded by relatively small groups whose propensity for lying and demagoguery has not exactly won them many admirers. This begs the question – are they part of and supported by some larger groups? What explains the Congress politician and Gandhi-family dynast Rahul Gandhi’s huddle with the key leaders of these groups days before Mr. Modi’s arrival in the US? Some of these groups are known to have links with Pakistan’s ISI spy agency and are funded by the global anarchist George Soros.

Imperfect disguise

Among the most rabidly anti-Hindu organizations are the disingenuously named Hindus for Human Rights (HfHR)[3] and Equality Labs [4], which couldn’t have a more Orwellian name considering its mission is anything but equality.

Run by Sunita Viswanath, who also runs Women for Afghan Women[5], which is funded by the Soros Open Society Foundation, HfHR is one of those shadowy NGOs whose standard operating procedure is to keep flogging the Goebbelsian propaganda that Hindus are planning genocide against Muslims and Christians.[6] By default, any organization backed by the demagogue George Soros is suspect as he has openly called for overthrowing India’s democratically elected government and backs the corrupt Gandhi family.

Bizarrely claiming to be a Hindu rights nonprofit group, HfHR has the audacity to claim the ancient Hindu concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is one family) as its motto – a claim that is deeply ironic given that HfHR proudly counts the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) among its partners.[7]

IAMC is a radical Islamist group with direct and indirect linkages to terrorist and radical Islamist outfits.[8] IAMC’s founder Shaik Ubaid and member Abdul Malik Mujahid have headed the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the US front for the Pakistani terrorist group Jamaat-e-Islami. Journalist Abhinandan Mishra says the IAMC and ICNA are well-known arms of the Pakistan deep state. “Both these organizations, apart from being used by Islamabad, are also put into effect by other Western agencies to damage India’s soft-power by raising fictitious issues, including that of minorities being unsafe in India.” [9]

Similarly, Equality Labs is an openly fascist outfit selling prints that promote violence against Brahmins.[10] Its claim to fame is its 2018 caste survey [11], which is replete with lies and hearsay. The co-author of this report, Natasha Dar, is the daughter of the Khalistani sympathizer Huma Dar [12], who, in turn, is at the core of several fronts against India, including the Kashmir-Khalistan desk conceived by Pakistan’s spy agency ISI.

What motivates the haters?

The cabal’s ultimate aim is India’s balkanization. Since India is still 79 percent Hindu, it is Hinduism that acts as the glue that holds the country together. If India breaks up, the road is open for Islamists and the Christian church to expand their fiefdoms. So, a strong India ruled by the Hindu majority is not what they want. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that if Hindus become a minority, India would become a mega version of Pakistan or Syria, with religion-backed militias turning Mumbai and Delhi into downtown Aleppo or Fallujah.

Pseudo-seculars, including the sold-out media, have their own agendas. The mainstream media in India will publish anything for a few dollars, a foreign junket, and a pat on the back from a Western think-tank that might occasionally publish their badly written articles. Mainly for a fee, and sometimes due to ideological affiliations, the media will amplify the noise created by the likes of Vishwanath and Soundararajan.

And then there are politicians like Ro Khanna and Rahul Gandhi who ally with the Hindu-hating cabal for political gains. Khanna, a Democratic representative from California, chairs the House Caucus on India and Indian Americans. As such, one would think that he would, by default, be working for India and would take up Hindu causes. In reality, he acts more like a spokesperson for Pakistan. A week before Modi’s US visit, he indirectly stated that he would ask about alleged human rights violations by Modi’s administration.[13]

Rahul Gandhi wants to throw some mud at the ruling BJP in a desperate attempt to avoid becoming irrelevant in India’s political arena. Shortly before Modi’s visit, he was coordinating with the anti-Hindu cabal. While the Islamist IAMC was imploring US President Joe Biden to cancel the state dinner for India’s Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi was found huddled at the Hudson Institute with Vishwanath and her cronies.[14]

Later when asked about Rahul’s meeting with the leaders of anti-India groups, his Congress Party handler Sam Pitroda brazenly said: “Rahul Gandhi held many meetings in the US – some public, others private. Regarding the private meetings, we have not revealed anything about them to anyone. And we won’t talk about those meetings.” [15]

There is an unmistakable nexus between the cabal and Rahul Gandhi. The Americans must be wondering whether he is from India or Pakistan. In all his speaking engagements, especially at the National Press Club in Washington DC, he kept trashing India’s growth story. He appeared to be signaling to foreign investors – don’t come to India, it’s an unstable country, there is resentment among the youth because unemployment is growing, India could see a Sri Lanka-type collapse, and you could lose all your money.

Clearly, Rahul Gandhi’s Breaking-India agenda matches the aims of the anti-Hindu cabal.

Worse, he got into a hyper-secular mode, claiming the Muslim League – which had played a pivotal role in India’s breakup and the creation of Pakistan – was a secular party. Responding to a question on the Congress Party’s alliance with Muslims in Kerala, he said, “The Muslim League is a completely secular party, there is nothing non-secular about them. I think the person (who asked the question) hasn’t studied the Muslim League.” [16]

“Useful idiot” – a term believed to be coined by Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin – contemptuous refers to a naive or unwitting ally of a ruthless political movement, especially the communist movement. The expression applies rather well to cynical politicians like Rahul Gandhi and Ro Khanna, who have unwittingly become the spokespersons for Islamists and other Breaking-India forces. They seem to have deluded themselves into thinking the jehadi crocodile won’t eat them if they are befriended. The reality is the crocodile won’t eat them now; it will eat them last.

Seculars are nobody’s friends

In its defense, the anti-Hindu cabal claims it is not against Hindus but opposes “Brahminical Hinduism” to save the backward castes.[17] However, this is just a diversionary tactic – their primary targets are Hinduism as an entity and Hindus as a group. The tears they shed for the backward castes are of the crocodile variety.

According to columnist Rajeev Srinivasan, the leftists claiming to be the champions of the Indian subalterns are not worried about emancipating or uplifting them. “The loud protestations on their behalf are pure theatre. In fact, the leftists would like to keep the subalterns impoverished and downtrodden because that fits in with their vested interests – after all, if they didn’t exist, how could the leftists benefit from sob stories about them?” [18]

“Further, they are offended if the subalterns refuse to be doormats and wish to improve themselves on their own rather than depending on the maa-baap sarkar [the same leftists] to give them doles. If said oppressed actually want to help themselves, well, we can’t have that, can we? What will we lefties do if the objects of our alleged affection don’t actually want our affection?”

“This palpable distaste that the lefties feel for the (backward castes and tribes) of the country is obvious, and is daily trumpeted by the mainstream media, which is generally owned, edited and composed mostly by leftists.”

Worldwide, the left is in cahoots with Islamists and actively promotes Islamist agendas. In India, the leftists and pseudo-seculars never criticize fundamentalist Islamist groups or terrorists; they don’t find fault with the missionary activity of Christian churches; their sole target is Hinduism. Therefore, their credibility – not only in India but globally – is at an all-time low. As Srinivasan observes, the only people in India who believe them are the gullible English-speaking readers.

Is Hinduism beyond criticism?

Hinduism is a remarkably resilient religion that has withstood countless blows by barbaric Islamic invaders and European Christian nations over the past millennia. Considering the Hindus have outlasted all their invaders, they are not afraid of a little criticism. In fact, they understand that free speech and fair criticism are essential for democracy to function. Criticism can stem from several factors, such as social justice concerns, human rights issues, or ideological differences. But the anti-Hindu cabal won’t stop at criticism of Hinduism. Their aim is to dismantle its entire edifice because, as India’s majority religion, it forms the biggest bulwark against alien ideologies. In fact, one of the speakers at the 2021 Dismantling Global Hindutva online conference confirmed the goal of the event was to destroy Hinduism.[19]

It is, of course, a different matter that the Hindus, whom the cabal calls fascists, allow these groups to operate freely in India. Fascists, by definition, won’t allow you to call them fascists because they will eliminate you and your family if you hold a contrary opinion. But the irony is lost on these people as they are blinded by hatred.

Why the cabal must be dismantled

The shrill propaganda of the seculars and other anti-Hindu groups has made Hinduphobia a very real problem in the West. Anti-Hindu sentiment in America has increased in frequency and ferocity in recent years and is especially prevalent on social media. [20] For instance, a British survey shows 51 percent of parents of Hindu pupils believe their child has experienced anti-Hindu hate in schools. [21]

During the 2016 elections in the US, here’s what candidate Angela Kaaihue from Hawaii said about Tulsi Gabbard – a proud Hindu: “Some Christians say, a vote for Tulsi Gabbard is a vote for Satan the devil, do you agree or disagree? … Hawaii, you can have your so-called ‘perfect’ pathetic Hindu 1000 gods leader…and your pathetic American traitor, and my family and I will go our merrily way.” [22]

The negative portrayal of Hindus in the media leads to attacks against them in academia and the workplace [23]. This poses a clear and present existential threat to the Hindu community in the West.

The attack on Hindus is a case of the perpetrator gaslighting its victim. Hindu lives matter, too, and there should be zero tolerance for such hatemongering. Against this backdrop, the cabal – along with its larger backers – needs to be exposed. The first step would be for India to work collaboratively with foreign governments to identify the most dangerous anarchists in these groups and shut down their operations before the hate campaign spirals out of control.

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Rakesh Krishnan Simha is a globally cited defense analyst. His work has been published by leading think tanks, and quoted extensively in books on diplomacy, counter terrorism, warfare and economic development. His work has been published by the Hindustan Times, New Delhi; Financial Express, New Delhi; US Air Force Center for Unconventional Weapons Studies, Alabama; the Centre for Land Warfare Studies, New Delhi; and Russia Beyond, Moscow; among others. He has been cited by leading organisations, including the US Army War College, Pennsylvania; US Naval PG School, California; Johns Hopkins SAIS, Washington DC; Centre for Air Power Studies, New Delhi; Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington DC; and Rutgers University, New Jersey.

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