Racial Attack on Hindu Americans on the Rise: The Fremont, CA, Case

Anti-Hindu syndicates are creating an atmosphere of hatred against the Hindu American community

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The recent rise in racial attacks against Hindu Americans is not a surprise, thanks to the work of hate syndicates like Equality Labs and individuals like Pieter Friedrich in creating an atmosphere of hatred against the Hindu American community.

On Sunday, August 21st, an American Hindu was subjected to a racist rant from a customer at a Taco Bell in Fremont, California. The racist rant did not emanate from some white supremacist but rather from a member of the Sikh community, who is likely a supporter of the extremist Khalistan movement, a movement that has engaged in terrorist activities in India and the West. The man who engaged in the rant obviously had an anger management problem and verbally assaulted the Hindu American. His rant focused on the Hindu practice of vegetarianism and reverence for the cow. The assailant spat at the victim and referred to him as someone who consumed cow urine and excrement. He then used these claims to justify the targeting of Hindu Americans by thieves and other assailants in the Bay Area.

This incidence of hate against Hindu Americans in the Bay Area is not surprising given the presence of the Hindu hate group Equality Labs and individual Hindu hate mongers such as Pieter Friedrich. Their propaganda and strategies are now being effectively leveraged and weaponized against the Hindu-American community by individuals such as the Taco Bell assailant. These deplorable hate mongers prosper due to the cover and encouragement provided by unscrupulous and self-serving politicians such as Ro Khanna. Unfortunately, some Hindu organizations continue to associate with Ro Khanna because they mistakenly ascribe value to the occasional act that appears to coincide with the community’s interests. However, these acts are rare and inconsequential and do not serve as justification for a continued relationship with an unscrupulous charlatan who provides cover and encouragement to anti-Hindu hate mongers.

Venkat Nagarajan is a Bay area based economist, and a Ph.D. student at the Hindu University of America